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Esteda Hair Hospital

Esteda Hair Hospital was established in 2010 to give hope to our patients with hair loss problems. We have been providing the best service for years with over 12,000 satisfied patients.

Eda Yıldız – Founder / Esteda Hair Hospital

Eda Yıldız

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How Does the Process Work in Hair Transplantation?

We make everything easy for our guests from abroad.

  • 1

    Welcoming from the airport

    The welcome code of the patient who comes to our country for a hair transplant is sent to him before his trip and he is welcomed by the people who visually hold this code.

    Welcoming from the airport
  • 2

    All Transfers within the City

    All transfers for our patients, such as surgery and washing, between the hotel and the hospital are done by us.

    All Transfers within the City
  • 3

    3 Days 5 Star Hotel Accommodation

    Our patient rests on the 1st day because he will be tired of the road, is taken to the operation on the morning of the 2nd day, has his head washed and rests on the 3rd day. On the 4th day, we will drop you off at the airport.

    3 Days 5 Star Hotel Accommodation
  • 4

    Hair transplant procedure

    After the blood test, it begins in the morning at 7:30 am and lasts between 6 and 8 hours. The FUE Sapphire or DHI graft is applied appropriately by the specialist herself.

    Hair transplant procedure

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