DHI Hair Transplant

What is DHI Hair Operation?

The DHI hair transplant treatment method is very different from the FUE method. This method of treatment is known as the way in which the hair taken from the donor area is transplanted into the receding hairline without opening a canal with sapphire. This treatment method is known as a two-step process. The insertion of the grafts into a special pen that has a very thin cylinder and a sharp tip. These cylindrical needles are like a canal and can insert the hair.


Results of the DHI hair transplant


Before DHI Hair Transplant Results

The DHI hair transplant technique is also known as the "Choi pen" method because of the pens used. With this method, the healing of the scalp is faster because there are no open channels for the insertion of the grafts, the pen allows easy insertion of the hair follicles. The DHI method is a comfortable and preferred method for people with a professional life that requires a faster aesthetic healing.

How is the DHIi hair transplant performed?

All hairs collected during hair transplant operations performed with Choi implant pens are placed one by one in the pen. After this placement, the process must be done very carefully and thoroughly. At this point, the nurse assistants who perform the placement process, after placing each hair follicle, hand the hair follicles to the transplant doctor for transplantation. At this stage, the doctors transplant the hair follicles in the most appropriate way and at a 45 degree angle. In addition to these angles, another important point is that the hair of the person with the correct direction and transplantation is transplanted according to the previous direction.


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Transplantation is performed using the needle's pushing properties so that the angles of the hair follicles placed in the needle and the correct direction are determined. 6 Choi pens and approximately 6 Choi tips are used in the operations. Although the tips of these items are of different sizes, the main factor that determines these measurements is the hair follicle and thickness structure of the patient to be transplanted. Naturally, the Choi hair transplant method has many advantages.

Benefits of Dhi Method

It minimizes the time that hair follicles remain in the tissue and allows for a healthier hair transplant. The survival rate of hair follicles is higher than normal. Since the incision area is smaller than normal, this minimizes the risk of bleeding as much as possible. A faster recovery is observed after the hair transplant treatment, and thus patients can easily resume their daily life in a short time. In this method, unshaven hair transplantation can be performed more easily. These are some of the advantages listed among the benefits of DHI hair transplantation.


Frequently Asked Questions in Hair Transplantation

This procedure can be applied to anyone between the ages of 20-65. Contrary to what is known, as in other surgical operations, there is not much age limit for hair transplantation.

Since local anesthesia is applied to the person, there is not much pain or ache, only a little pain may occur after the intervention. However, it is possible to relieve the pain with the painkillers used.
The main reason for shaving the hair in normal operations is that the doctor and the hair transplant team can see the hair follicles more easily and the mobility in the transplantation area is more comfortable. It can be applied to the empty area of 500 to 1000 grafts for uncut transplantation.
He should take a break from sports for a week. After a week, light sports activities such as walking and jogging can be done. Weight lifting sports such as weightlifting, football and similar sports involving risks such as hitting and hitting should be suspended for at least three weeks.
It is seen that the hair grows 1.5 months after the transplanted roots. Hair does not grow from the follicles that are transplanted at the same time. The obvious effect of hair transplantation is seen after 3-4 months. In the area where the transplantation is applied, the hair grows completely and becomes lush after 9-12 months.

Scraping with a razor or razor is not recommended for six months. In order to eliminate the difference in length between the area where the hair follicles are taken and the transplanted area, the donor area can be corrected with scissors after 3 weeks.
In order to prevent the serum fluid injected into the skin for hair transplantation from falling to the forehead and face area, it is beneficial for the patient to wear a bandana (with elastic, not too tight) that covers the head from the forehead to the back.
The main reasons are iron deficiency, stress, hormonal disorders, unbalanced diet, occupational excuse; Spillage is seen in situations that may be genetic, wearing bonnet constantly, working in chemical environments. Application; It is the same as the transactions you read on our page.
FUE technique is also the method applied for our patients who want to have beard and eyebrow transplantation. It is necessary to fill this area with hair roots and the required hair roots are transferred from the neck.
Hair transplantation takes 5 to 8 hours. After the procedure, if the person does not want this process to be known in the business and social environment, a period of approximately 15 days is needed. If he does not have such a concern, he can return to his daily life within 2 days.
The qualifications of the doctor and team who will perform the surgery should also be considered. Care should be taken that the doctor who will perform the operation is a plastic surgeon. In addition, care should be taken that the doctor and his team are experienced and fully equipped working in the hospital.
It should be waited for at least 6–7 months for the second transplantation process. The recommended ideal period in this regard is at least 1 year. The full growth of the hair on the upper part of the head takes about a year. This time is also required for the donor site to recover.
People who will undergo hair transplantation should prefer front buttoned clothes such as shirt and vest for the operation day and the days after the operation.

They should not go to the sea for three weeks and to the sauna for 2 months. After hair transplantation, the head should be protected from sunlight. The operation area should not be exposed to sunlight, especially when the rash on the skin has not yet passed. Hats can be worn for sun protection.
A special diet is not recommended after hair transplantation, the person continues her normal diet.

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